Small Businesses are Threatened by Hackers Too

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Small Businesses are Threatened by Hackers Too

More than half of the world is already using technology for business, political or for entertainment purposes. Of course, as a small business owner, we would think about taking part in it as it can somehow reward us something bigger than what we hoped for. But together with technology, hacking has grown over the years as well. And it does not just focus on big enterprises, it targets small business sites too.

There are a handful of ways a hacker can get into a system. It can be through penetrating weak passwords, low-quality algorithms, out-in-the-open devices, using spams, and more. This does not mean that we have to neglect technology though, even if it can be a double-edged sword.

For example, purchasing new devices for your company. Usually, this new tech will be delivered with a default password. When these passwords fall into the hands of an attacker, then it will be easy for them to use your device against you. And this is just a basic scenario. What to do? Change it immediately into a difficult one.

Most companies are also joining the trend in using the automated approach for web security or SEO. It does serve a great purpose as it can reduce stress caused by technology. Unfortunately, this can also trigger a signal for attackers. In this situation, implementing a human to monitor artificial intelligence can decrease the chances of hacking.

If we think about it, larger companies are the bigger fries as hackers can benefit more from them compared to small businesses. But it is common for these companies to have high maintenance security compared to small business sites that have weak online security. If your site operates on doing business online and your data shows how vulnerable it is, then it’s high time you double your security to avoid potential attacks.

Still, if we are being attacked using technology, then we can protect our site by using technology too.


As we hold on to wireless connections to transact with customers, our network might vulnerable. Hackers use tools that steals data on the web and use them for criminal purposes. To protect our data – especially our identity – we can use a Virtual Private Network. Once our network is secured by VPN, our web sessions at home or in the office, shall be safer.


If you already have a working website, see to it that it’s been backed up. Worse comes to worse, a hacker has already entered your system and removed your data. You would be thankful if you had a back up in these kinds of situations.


Firewalls, SQL injections, security tests – they can be handled by a team that operates at least once a week. When budgeting for your site this year, make room for security investments. Security systems shouldn’t be left as is, it should be carefully monitored often because these attackers can find your business site anytime.