Amp Development Agency

Here at AMP development, we specialise in creating and improving websites to work with AMP, offering fast, responsive and reliable website designs that need the stringent requirements of today’s users. The AMP pages is an effort by Google to offer an accessible framework for creating fast loading mobile web pages.

You might have noticed by now that in mobile devices or other smart gadgets, static content pages take an awful lot of time to load. Even after the text becomes visible the pages continue to load as images & ads come into the display. This slow process results in a very uncomfortable experience for the potential readers/customers as the position of the text within the page keeps on shifting as the content loads up. This is the prime reason which led to the improvement and advancement of the entire mobile content ecosystem for the benefit of publishers, content writers, webmasters & users as a whole using AMP.

What does AMP do? 

AMP enables publishers to easily improve the loading speed of their web pages on a mobile without compromising on the ad revenues. Apart from this you also have the AMP Ad landing pages (ALP) which are designed to speed up the experience of a user who clicks on an AMP ad. This is done by pre-loading the URL of the landing page in the ad and by forcing the landing page to use the AMP HTML protocol.